BellaFill in Virginia

This injectable, previously known as Artefill, is one of the few effectively permanent injectable filler options on the market today.

Bellafill is a unique collagen based filler with biocompatible fiber material.

The collagen fibers in Bellafill support the production of patient’s own collagen as well as resist being absorbed back into the body.

This is great for patients who do not wish to come in regularly for maintenance injections.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, normal aging will continue to take place, but the patient will have that extra volume in there to allow peace of mind. Bellafill has been reported to last for as long as 5-10 years.

Bellafill VirginiaBellafill is also approved for the correction of crater, depressed or deep acne scars.

It is the only dermal filler on the market that is FDA approved for correction of scars on the cheeks offering a great solution and excellent results by lifting the depressed region.