The Horrible Results of Discount Microblading

In the hands of a trained provider, microblading can result in full and expertly shaped eyebrows.

However, discount microblading by an inexperienced individual may lead to serious complications including irritation, rashes, and infection.

Here’s what can happen and how to avoid horrible results of bargain microblading.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic treatment that creates the appearance of hairs for thicker and more even brows.

During the procedure, a blade is used to make many small incisions. Pigment is then deposited in these microchannels to produce semi-permanent results.

What’s the Typical Cost for Microblading?

Depending on the area, the average price for a microblading session is $700. However, some individuals have found deals costing $250 per treatment.

Patients should beware of extremely low-priced treatments and carefully research the provider and office before undergoing any microblading procedure.

More specifically, it’s important to inquire about the person’s credentials and ensure that they are wearing gloves and using sterile equipment.

Dangers of Discount Microblading

After a microblading treatment, it’s normal to experience mild redness and scabbing.

However, improperly performed microblading can have much more serious outcomes including skin that’s swollen and red and painful and warm to the touch.

These symptoms are often associated with a bacterial infection known as cellulitis. This condition can be treated with antibiotics and steroids and rarely requires hospitalization.

Although this kind of adverse outcome may be caused by an allergic reaction to dye, it’s more likely the result of unsterile instruments or technique.

Infections Can Become Life-Threatening

Dermatologists stress that infections caused by discounted microblading could have potentially deadly effects.

More specifically, an untreated or advanced infection near the eyebrows could progress to the sinuses, which are located directly in front of the brain.

While all procedures carry a certain amount of risk, patients can greatly reduce their chances of adverse effects by seeing a qualified provider that prioritizes patient safety and positive results.

To learn more about safe and effective microblading, please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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