“The Doctors” : Cutting edge treatment for stretch marks!

CaptureStretch marks are one of the most embarrassing issues to experience on the skin. They develop from various circumstances such as weight loss and gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes,  and even some medications.

Stretch marks develop when the skin is suddenly strained beyond its natural limitation. They occur in the middle layer of your skin which is called the dermis. The dermis is made up of strongly connected fibers that allow your skin to stretch as it grows. BUT, if the skin is stretched rapidly, the fibers become thin and may break.  When the fibers break, the blood vessels that lie within the skin will show, giving it that reddish color.

Over time, the blood vessels will contract and make the fat under the skin visible. This is what gives the stretch marks that grayish or white appearance.

Not everyone is prone to stretch marks. Some people might be genetically gifted with larger amounts of cortisol, a hormone that decreases collagen levels, giving the skin more elasticity.

For those of you who are more prone to the case of the dreaded “skin stripes”, have no fear. They CAN be treated and even prevented.

There are various creams and remedies that one can use, but we have something even BETTER in store.

Dr. Soheila Rostami has been treating patients with Micro-Needling combined with PRP. (remember last week’s post about the magical work of PRP?) Micro-Needling with PRP is used to treat patients for anti- aging purposes, scarring, hyper- pigmentation, pore size, and to generally improve skin tone and texture.

Recently, studies have proven  that the combination of Micro-Needling  with PRP is not just for those purposes.                                        It can also treat STRETCH MARKS!

The television show “The Doctors” featured a segment on Micro-Needling with PRP, with the focus on this specific treatment.  Follow the link below to learn more, and how it changed a patient’s life.


The Caring Staff at SCC

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