Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

By Dr. Ayman Hakki
Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Buttock Augmentation Northern Virginia

Customized and perfected by Dr. Hakki at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Tysons Corner, VA, our Brazilian Butt lift is a sure method to banish flat buttocks.

By contouring your body with liposuction of the bra rolls, love handles, or gluteal V and using the harvested fat and stem cell from your own body to inject your buttocks, Dr. Hakki can create the buttocks shape of your dreams.

What is a Buttock Augmentation?

By using the patient’s own fat, (harvested from a different part of the body) Dr. Hakki injects the fat into the buttock to enhance the size or fullness of the butt. Taking fat from the areas around the butt and using this same fat to fill up the butt’s center, Dr. Hakki achieves a great look that is nearly permanent and always more youthful.

Dr. Hakki’s theory regarding butt accentuation is simple – beautiful butts are not simply large; they are full on the inside and tight on the outside. At Sanctuary, Dr. Hakki believes that while shape is what determines a butt’s beauty, size also matters. Aging butts are both empty on the inside and loose on the outside.

Buttock Augmentation with Dr. Hakki

In the last five years, buttock augmentation Northern Virginia, or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), has increased in popularity and has become among the more searched and sought after procedures in cosmetic surgery.

There are many ways you can get a butt augmentation, but only a few approaches have proven safe and effective. Since the buttocks have a different anatomy, augmenting them requires the skills of a physician with advanced training.

Dr. Hakki best explains the buttock accentuation procedure in his own words:

“Picture a beautiful butt as a heart. Now, picture an aging butt as a shriveled, upside down heart. Buttock accentuation turns this process around, offering a right side up, full butt. Central fullness and peripheral emptiness are the hallmarks of aging and this operation reverses that process. The procedure aims to give the butt an apple-like shape, allowing my patients to fill their jeans like never before.

I suspect stars like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez were not born with the shape they are now famous for. Whether or not this is true, as an artist and a sculptor, I can make anyone’s butt look like that of these famous stars. Take your time to browse through the many before and after photos as an example of my surgical artwork.”

Fat injections, using fat from your own body, is the standard approach to success­ful and safe buttocks augmentation. As your plastic surgeon, I have a vast experience in fat transfer and a proven successful record in harvest­ing and grafting technique. I have developed a unique method to perform such a critical procedure.

Why Dr. Hakki ?

Dr. Hakki has been in practice for over 30 years and has been performing buttocks augmentation and Brazilian butt lift by fat transfer and micro grafting for over 10 years. He currently performs two to three cases per week and has done over 1000 buttocks augmentations.

He is one of the pioneers in the field of fat transfer into the buttocks. Dr. Hakki’s focus and surgical skills are best seen in the outstanding results achieved in creating more beautiful buttocks. Most recently his fat transfer technique into the face appeared in nmberous medical publications and he has demonstrated his technique at various teaching courses.

Dr. Hakki’s Buttocks Augmentation Technique

Body fat is harvested with liposuction. This allows the use of your own tissue for your butt augmentation that obviously is the most practical benefit. The liposuction allows for some body shaping by contouring the areas around the buttocks and contributes to a more sculptured profile.

Fat is liposuctioned with a special cannula (thin tube) from the stomach, the thighs, or the gluteus area of the back directly above the buttocks. The harvested fat is handled carefully, during which time an effort is made to preserve and refine it.

Dr. Hakki’s method of handling the fat is what sets him apart from others in the field. Dr. Hakki’s own unique method of decanting and safely transferring the fat into the various are of the buttocks in micro-droplet fashion and at a specific depth of the buttocks is the secret behind the success and permanency of his approach. Dr. Hakki’s method also secures enough blood supply to the transplanted fat in the buttocks and ensures the stability and survival of most transferred fat.

Why Not Butt Implants?

Butt augmentation by fat grafting has consistently proven to be a reproducible, safe and cost effective alternative to implants and dermal fillers.

Using your own tissue for augmentation offers a practical benefit and is on its way to replacing artificial implants entirely. Silicone butt implants are used in thin patients with hardly a small amount of body fat for autologous buttocks augmentation.

Dr. Hakki’s preferred procedure for buttocks augmentation is the Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer into the buttocks since it allows for room to reshape and sculptor with the combination of liposuction and fat grafting.

As for buttocks augmentation using injectable material, it is impossible to find a reputable, highly qualified physician performing butt augmentation using injectable materials in the US – since the FDA has approved none.

Our message is simple: If you would like to have a butt augmentation procedure to enhance the way you look and feel, why settle for an industrial liquid used to produce tables and plastic sheets instead of your own body fat?

Only your board-certified plastic surgeon can give you the buttocks augmentation you desire under a safe and effective procedure with permanent results by using your own body fat with the autologous fat grafting procedure.

Fees & Financing:

Dr. Hakki’s surgical fee for buttocks augmentation by fat transfer starts at $15,000. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis Sanctuary Cosmetic Center’s on-site certified surgical facility .

The fee mentioned is a starting fee and depends on the amount of fat needed to achieve the desired buttocks augmentation, the number of donor areas, which must be liposuctioned in order to harvest the fat as well as the difficulty in removing the fat.

Included in Fees:

  • Surgical fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Operating & Recovery room fees
  • Post-operative and follow-up visits for a year
  • Post-surgical garment

Not Included in Fees:

  • Required Lab work
  • Medication
  • Assistant or caregiver for one night

The fee includes liposuction of enough areas to harvest sufficient fat for buttocks augmentation but does not include a complete body re-sculpting. Other areas can be liposuctioned for an additional cost.

Are you a Candidate for Buttock Accentuation?

Anyone unhappy with the shape or size of his or her butt or those that do not want an implant or large incisions is a candidate for the buttock accentuation procedure.

Fat grafting into the buttocks can add fullness to any shape buttocks, parts of it or the entire buttocks. A good candidate is one with enough “spare” fat in other areas of the body such as the stomach, flanks, thighs, and bra rolls to act as a donor site to transfer into the buttocks area.


The buttock accentuation procedure itself is minimally invasive, performed with an extremely small incision leaving unnoticeable scars. You are restricted from sitting directly on your buttocks area for the first 72 hours after which time you can sit indirectly on your buttocks with most weight on your upper legs.

You will recover within one week and will be able to return to work in 10-12 days. Normal activities can be resumed in 3 weeks postoperatively with no restrictions.

Out of State & Overseas Patients

You will need to be around for ten days. Depending on the package of your surgery, different courtesy accommodations are offered by the practice. You will be able to go home within 9-10 days of your surgery date or earlier if your recovery is uneventful.

You can start the process by making a virtual consultation appointment. Or by contacting our staff for email communication and photo taking instructions.

Please contact our professional and knowledgeable staff at 703 893 3937 to learn more about this exciting procedure.

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Optimum results can only be achieved when Buttocks Augmentation is performed with liposuction and fat transfer into the buttocks.


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Buttock Augmentation Northern Virginia