Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Northern Virginia

Laser Hair Removal Northern Virginia

Virginia’s Best Laser Hair Removal

Lasers target the hair at the root: the hair follicle. The laser actually damages the follicle so that the hair can no longer grow. The find the hair follicle by targeting the hair itself. The laser’s energy targets and heats the hair; the heat transfer damages the hair follicle.

This is an important note because hair follicles do not always have a hair growing. When they do not, the laser will not find them. Only around a third of our hair follicles are active at a given time. So the laser will only be able to target about a third of the hair follicles in an area during a single treatment.

This is why it takes multiple treatments to treat one area, even though the laser is used over the entire area every session. It is normal that laser hair removal must be done up to four or five times to get the best reduction in hair.

Over this many sessions, most of the follicles will have been in the growth stage (and thus be able to be targeted by the laser) at some point.

Please note that this laser targets pigment, so if the hair is white, grey or blonde, the laser will not work.  All hair needs to be shaved prior to treatment. Do NOT pluck or wax 4-6 weeks prior to your first treatment and throughout the duration of treatment.