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K’s Weight Loss Journey

New Years. A date I’ve secretly always hated.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party. But I knew, come January 1st, I would make either a public or private declaration that I would yet again, embark on my goal of losing 30 pounds. At the age of 25, I had a history of obesity and spent almost every New Year, hoping that this year would be different. With every diet fail and every exercise flop, I had a lot of experience under my belt and felt more and more prepared every year. And yet, I failed every single time. Each February, I would justify why I failed. I had a lot of schoolwork, my parents were annoying me, my boyfriend was pushing my buttons–there was always a perfect excuse to put off making a change. 

The first thing I changed was my date. I no longer wanted the personal and societal pressures of losing weight in the New Year. I didn’t want anyone to know what I was trying to do. This was my own journey and I had to do things on my own timeline. So when I was introduced to the Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program, in September of 2015, I figured the timing was just right. I read up on the program and was intrigued. This program was created by a medical doctor who has dedicated his life to not only the physical aspect of weight loss, but more importantly the emotional and psychological. I read on their website, “Dr. Posner is one of the world’s leading researchers on direct oral serotonin supplementation and its effect on appetite suppression, carbohydrate cravings reduction and weight loss”. BINGO! There it was. I signed up the very next day, weighed in at my comfort weight of 180 lbs. My BMI was at the all-time highest and my muscle mass was at the all-time lowest.

I began the program at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center. The first appointment was educational. I had attended different diet programs in person in the past and always left with big dents in my self esteem. It wasn’t that they ever called me “fat” or “obese”, but I always left knowing all the things I was doing wrong and none of the things I was doing right. At the Sanctuary, I was seen by both a nurse and a medical doctor. They reviewed my EKG and made sure my health was in good condition. They checked my heart rate, pulse, and asked me questions about my overall health. Next, I sat down with Sheila (the nurse), who asked me why I wanted to start the program and what I had done in the past. She congratulated me on my efforts and explained that half the battle of dieting is psychological and that despite my greatest efforts, it wasn’t something I could do alone. She was right! I had always done it alone. Despite exercising with friends, texting each other to make sure we didn’t eat 5 pints of ice cream when we were home, I still felt very alone. She explained that this time,  I would have an army behind me.

Next, I met the trainer/sports nutritionist, Sara. She took me to the gym right below the spa and did an evaluation with a heart rate monitor. We went over my day-to-day diet and then we went over my goals. She allowed me to direct the conversation and wanted me to be as comfortable as possible with my new diet and exercise routine. She understood that some things were just too hard to give up and said that I should never give up my favorite food cold turkey. Everything should be an easy transition. What meant the most to me was when she said, “When you give up a food, so do I. I’m in this with you!”

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Twelve weeks later, after weekly visits at the Sanctuary, and constant (pretty much daily) checkups by Sheila and Sara, I weighed in at 150 lbs. I am ecstatic about reaching my goal–for the first time in my life!–but more importantly, my mindset has changed. I see diet and exercise differently. The phentermine and Serotonin Plus supplements (created by Dr. Posner) treat the emotional/psychological aspects, and all I am responsible for is the physical aspect. The physical aspect could not have been easier. I no longer link emotion to eating. There is no mood enhancement with biting into a delicious piece of chocolate, it’s simply just chocolate. I have more energy to exercise and see the effects of exercise faster, making me want to do it more!


To say this diet has changed my life is an understatement. I have found my sanctuary at the Sanctuary. I can’t wait for you to try it!

Meet me and other success stories on Thursday, January 28th at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center from 6-8pm. You’ll have an opportunity to meet Dr. Posner and ask him your questions in person. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and doing this together!!!

Take care,

K and the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center Team

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