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Here’s What Happens When You Get Microblading

Stars like Brooke Shields, Cara Delevingne, and Lucy Hale are eyebrow goals for many women.

The fullness and subtle shape of their brows is definitely on-trend right now, and while it appears natural and effortless on them, recreating this look on a daily basis can be time-consuming.

In fact, a number of women admit to wanting to perfect their arches or fill-in patchy brows, but don’t have the time or motivation to commit to eyebrow gels, pencils, and brushes every morning.

Fortunately, microblading is a semi-permanent way to achieve eyebrow goals with little to no maintenance.

Here’s what you need to know about getting your dream brows with microblading.

What Is Microblading and How Does It Work?

Microblading is an aesthetic treatment that uses a blade comprised of tiny needles and precisely placed pigment to shape brows. It’s similar to a semi-permanent tattoo, but the ink strokes are much more delicate.

Am I a Candidate for Microblading?

The great thing about microblading is that it can work well for a wide range of patients. Whether you have very light eyebrow hair, hair loss, or just want fuller brows, microblading can help you attain your desired look.

What to Expect from Treatment?

To start, a cosmetic tattoo specialist will assess your eyebrows and then go over brow shape and color. Next, she will outline the brows and begin using the microblading device to make superficial cuts in the skin.

These entry points allow for deposition of a customized pigment and the creation of fine hair-like strokes.

The entire process typically takes about one hour, and most patients find it fairly comfortable.

Are There Any Post-Care Instructions?

For 24 hours after microblading, antibiotic ointment should be applied to the brows. Then patients can switch to Vaseline ointment for the remainder of the week.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid getting the eyebrows wet or sweating excessively for seven days post-procedure.

How Long Do Microblading Results Last?

Results from microblading are long-lasting and can remain for one-to-three years. A touch-up session is recommended four weeks after the initial session, and then at the one year mark to maintain the appearance of the brows.

For additional information on achieving your eyebrow goals with microblading, please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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