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COVID-19: New Appointment Protocol

We are now open! However, on a limited basis and with new protocols in place.

When making appointments, you will be noticing some changes as we made these changes to protect both our clients and staff:

– On your appointment day please call the office from your car before entering to get approval it is safe for you to come in.

–  All clients must have masks or face covering on when entering the office.

– Once you arrive, we will take your temperature, and will provide you with hand sanitizer and ask you to sanitize your hands.

– You will be asked to read and sign a COVID-19 consent form.

– Our waiting areas will no longer contain magazines since those items are difficult to disinfect.

– Please note that we won’t be allowing companions with our clients unless previously approved. children, friends and family shouldn’t come with you to your appointment.

– We will be booking appointments in a way that maintains social distancing for our clients, appointment options may be limited. please call in advance if you need an appointment.

– We will continue to offer virtual consults for our clients.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!