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Chin Implants

Men and women often seek plastic surgery to improve the structure and balance of their facial features.

In fact, many patients with a weak or recessed chin see a tremendous improvement in their overall appearance after chin implant surgery.

So, could a chin implant enhance the harmony of your face?  Here’s what you need to know.

What’s Chin Enhancement Surgery?

Chin enhancement surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which a custom fit implant is placed around the chin bone.

This treatment is also called a genioplasty and can modify the contours of the patient’s chin.

What’s a Chin Implant?

A chin implant is usually composed of silicone for a natural looking and feeling augmentation. Implants are available in various sizes and shapes and can be easily molded for a customized result.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Patients that get chin implants often have a weak or recessed chin that causes the rest of their facial features to appear disproportionate. For other individuals, a chin implant can add definition to their neck and jaw.

Lastly, a chin implant can correct the appearance of a double chin that is caused by a small chin bone rather than excess submental fat or loose skin.

Selecting a Skilled and Experienced Plastic Surgeon

It’s important to carefully research plastic surgeons and select one that is board-certified, experienced, and skilled in chin implant surgery.

He or she should be able to clearly explain the treatment plan for your surgery, risks, expected results, and recovery.

Patients should also feel comfortable discussing their goals and concerns during this initial consultation and be given the opportunity to view multiple before and after photos.

How Is Chin Implant Surgery Performed?

Chin enhancement surgery may be performed within a surgical suite or hospital and requires general or local anesthesia with sedation. It typically takes one hour or less.

To place the implant, the plastic surgeon makes an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. The implant is then inserted and molded around the chin bone.

Next, sutures may be used to close the incision, and the area will be bandaged before the patient is released to recover at home.

Risks of Surgery

In the hands of a capable and qualified plastic surgeon, chin implant surgery rarely results in complications. Some risks include infection, hematoma (internal bleeding), shift in implant position, poor scarring, and side effects from anesthesia.

What to Expect From Recovery

Patients can expect to have approximately seven days of downtime following chin enhancement surgery. They may feel some discomfort or pressure as they adjust to their new implant, and pain can be managed with medication and cold compresses.

Additionally, plastic surgeons advise following a liquid diet for one-to-two days after surgery. Patients should also sleep in an elevated position for one-to-two weeks to help reduce swelling and promote healing of the incision site.

Exercise and more intense activities can be resumed three-to-four weeks post-procedure.

Chin Implant Results

Chin enhancement surgery has a very high patient satisfaction rate. In fact, an implant can not only correct the size and contours of the chin, but can also improve the appearance of other features as it balances the entire face.

Most individuals can see the full effects of their surgery within one-to-three months, and these results are long-lasting and permanent.

Complementary Surgical Procedures

Chin implant surgery is often performed in conjunction with other procedures for a more dramatic transformation.

For example, the combination of rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation can correct facial proportions and streamline a patient’s profile.

In addition, the appearance of a double chin or turkey neck can be effectively treated with a chin implant, which strengthens the jawline, and neck liposuction, which eliminates submental fat.

For additional information about chin implant surgery in and around Dulles, Virginia, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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