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Are Selfies Causing a Surge in Plastic Surgery?

Regardless of age or participation in social media, most individuals have seen a photo of themselves and been surprised by a certain aspect of their appearance.

In fact, many plastic surgeons report that patients now come to consultations armed with photos of the offending facial or body part.

This trend has led several aesthetic experts to ask if selfies are causing a huge surge in cosmetic treatments.

Faces and Bodies Look Different in Photos Than in the Mirror

When patients look at themselves in the mirror, they are seeing the front of their face, and it’s more difficult to accurately assess a profile.

Therefore, when these angles are captured by a photo, men and women are presented with an image that may reveal a sagging chin, crooked nose, or loose skin that they never noticed.

Additionally, plastic surgeons explain that selfies relate information to patients about how others view them and can cause an individual to become even more critical of perceived flaws.

Social Media May Promote Constant Comparison to Others

Social media has provided an outlet to constantly view the appearance of friends, acquaintances, influencers, and celebrities and compare our looks to theirs. As a result, many patients seek cosmetic treatments and request lips, breasts, or buttocks that they have seen on someone else.

Plastic surgeons list the Kardashians as a huge source of inspiration, and some reveal that they often advise against procedures because Kylie’s lips or Kim’s butt wouldn’t look appropriate with the individual’s existing anatomy.

Age-Defying Treatments Are in High-Demand

Photos and selfies are another way that men and women evaluate signs of aging and how their faces and bodies may be changing over time.

Aesthetic experts note a consistent rise in the number of treatments that lift the skin, smooth wrinkles, and restore volume to the face. Moreover, filler for hollows under the eyes has become so popular that even individuals in their early twenties now want it.

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