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All About Dermalinfusion

All About Dermalinfusion

Dermalinfusion is the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment—no matter the skin tone—promoting skin health through exfoliation, extraction and in specific serum infusions.

With advanced technology, the process is non-invasive and can target a bevy of skin concerns head-to-toe.

Serum Delivery

By the power of a unique handpiece with suctions at its tip, ingredient-rich serums are infused into the skin. The lifted skin is targeted, simultanouesly initiating extraction and abrasion to best exfoliate the area.

In no more than 30 minutes, the treatment can be used on the face (typically around the eyes and lips), on the body (abdomen, breasts, back and thighs), or dry skin on the feet and hands.


Dermalinfusion is the perfect alternative to microdermabraision as it requires no downtime, is customizable to the patient, and in three days time, gradually volumizes skin by a whopping 70 percent.

What Kind of Skin Blemishes Does It Treat?

Because of the handpiece’s adjustable-depth tip, this treatment can be applied to any part of the body. It helps and rejuvenates anything from sun damage and fine lines to stretch marks on the stomach or chest.

Pesky cellulite on the thighs or buttocks doesn’t stand a chance.

The treatment targets those kind of problem areas and kicks the patient’s collagen’s production into great, replacing the old skin with fatty buildup underneath causing the cellulite and replacing it with a smoother, younger-looking surface.

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