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Shirley Zhou

Shirley Zhou is a veteran in permanent makeup, having conducted over 10,000 procedures since the early 1990’s. Shirley is a licensed permanent makeup artist with two decades of continuing education by the top permanent makeup trainer in China and the U.S.  She has a BA degree, as well as numerous certifications in advanced training.

With great passion for this industry, she keeps herself current on the latest developments in color theory, application techniques and anesthetic methods. Shirley’s goal is to make you look better and feel better by enhancing your natural beauty.

Permanent Makeup is the ultimate calling to bring out the artistic, passionate, and creative talents in Shirley. She loves what she is doing and feels so lucky to be in the right business.

Shirley’s training in painting since childhood has greatly benefited her in this career. In permanent makeup application, a beautiful job and a spoiled one is often just a few millimeters away. It takes the right color, right design and right touch to yield that perfect result.

Shirley has advanced training with the following organizations:

  • Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics
  • American Council of Demagraphic Research
  • American Institute of Permanent Color Technology
  • American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Looking For Permanent Makeup Removal? Shirley refers to Jessica Lee at the Cosmetic Skin Institute in Washington DC.