5 Types of Wrinkles and How to Tackle Each

Many women and men view wrinkles as bothersome signs of aging that they wish to avoid. However, not all wrinkles are created equal. In fact, there are different types of wrinkles, with unique characteristics and causes. Understanding these distinctions is key to determining the most effective method of treatment. Continue reading to learn about 5 types of wrinkles and how to tackle each.

5 types of wrinkles1. Expression Wrinkles

Expression wrinkles are lines that occur in areas that are especially active, including the mouth, brows, between brows, and corners of the eyes.

They are the result of repeated facial expressions, which over time, crease skin. Frown lines, smile lines, and laugh lines are all prime examples.

Botox is an excellent non-invasive treatment for expression wrinkles because it temporarily deactivates targeted muscles and prevents them from wrinkling skin with movement.

2. Elastic Wrinkles

Sun damage is usually to blame for elastic wrinkles on the cheek, neck, and lips. While sunscreen and protective clothing can help limit these tiny creases, lasers and peels are best for correction.

3. Compression Wrinkles

Pressing your face, neck, and chest against a pillow each and every night can lead to the formation of compression wrinkles. While they often resolve throughout the day, they can deepen and persist.

If you’re concerned about compression wrinkles, you should attempt sleeping on your back. Additionally, injectables can be used to fill-in these unwanted lines.

4. Gravitation Wrinkles

Gravitation wrinkles present as a combination of wrinkling and sagging, and they aren’t limited to a particular part of the face. Aging, sun exposure, and decreased collagen are elastin are likely culprits.

Because gravitation wrinkles can pop-up anywhere, a facelift is often the best way to eliminate them.

However, radiofrequency and focused-ultrasound treatments are excellent non-surgical alternatives.

5. Atrophic Wrinkles

Ever notice two deep vertical lines that appear when you furrow your brow? These are atrophic wrinkles, which become more noticeable as collagen and elastin decline. They may also develop as a result of fat loss.

Staying hydrated and following an anti-aging skincare regimen can be helpful in delaying their progression. As for treatment, dermal fillers can help restore volume and soften lines.

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